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Welcome inside the Palm Beach home of Mrs. Schwartzman! Grandmother to my friend Caleb Wint. 

The modernist interior, designed by New York based architect Lee Mindel, was designed as a space to exhibit her unique art collection. The design of the interior expresses her passion for architectural design, with high ceilings, a 65 foot long floating ceiling, and a material palette referencing Alvar Aalto. The interior of the house is furnished with mid-century modern furniture and colorful art work.

The interior is primarily white there are accents of sky blues, citrus yellows, and oranges. Color blocked pivoting gallery walls are painted in homage to geometric abstractionist, Josef Albers. The color blocking is also used to frame window vignettes throughout the house.

An original bright yellow McDonald’s “M” hangs askew from a wall in the living room – a celebration of pop culture. The new extension of the house, a glass pavilion, is home to a photograph taken by Michael Moran of the Seagram Building Plaza. This piece was previously shown at the Whitney Museum in New York City. Other art pieces include work by Theodore Stamos, Robert Motherwell, and George Segal.

Lee Mindel also designed her Princeton home, see below:



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